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  • Laminated Glass

    Clear + Clear

    Laminated glass is that type of glass that doesn’t shatter into fine pieces when hit or struck by any object. An interlayer helps it to stay intact. This type of laminated glass comes with 2 layers of clear glass laminated together. We can add more layer of glass which makes it bullet resistant. Customers can add glass as per their choice but the total thickness may not exceed 70mm.

  • Laminated Glass

    Clear + Stopsol

    Stopsol glass is a reflective glazing glass. One side of the glass surface is polished with thin metal oxide layer. We laminate 1 sheet of stopsol glass and 1 sheet of clear glass together with an interlayer of PVB.

  • Laminated Glass

    Clear + Tint

    A tint/ tinted glass have a slightly dark coloured lens. In this type of laminated glass we laminate a clear glass with tint glass and attach them using the PVB interlayer.

  • Laminated Glass

    Clear + Clear Colored PVB

    This type of glass contains 2 sheets of clear glass laminated using coloured PVB resin interlayer.

  • Laminated Glass

    Clear + Clear Obscure PVB

    Obscure PVB is used to diminish light passing through glass. Hence we create this glass using 2 sheets of clear glass laminated using an obscure PVB interlayer.

  • Tempered Glass

    Clear Tempered

    Toughened or tempered glass as the name suggests is a type of safety glass made by controlled heat or chemical solutions to increase durability and strength when compared to normal glass. By following the process of tempering puts the outer surfaces into compression and interior part of the glass into tension. Clear tempered glass is the most standard tempered glass type.

  • Tempered Glass

    Colored Tempered

    Standard colours such as lake blue, dark blue, dark grey, mist grey, bronze, green are added to raw materials in float process and hence produce tinted colour glass.

  • Tempered Glass

    Bend Tempered

    Bend tempered glass is a type of glass that is heated at around 1000 degrees and is given a desired shape. Bend glass also come in varieties depending on the processes used such as annealing, insulation, lamination or heat.

  • Tempered Laminated Glass

    Tempered + Tempered

    Tempered laminated glass is a hybrid of two tempered glass laminated together with a PVB interlayer.

  • Float Glass


    Float glass is a type of glass which is made by using the process of floating molten glass on a layer of molten metal, usually tin, lead or any other alloy that has low-melting point. This concept gives the glass a uniform surface, uniform thickness and makes the surfaces very flat. This glass is available in various thickness of 3,4,5,6,8,10 & 12mm.

  • Float Glass


    This glass acts as a reflective glass, it is essentially an ordinary float glass with a metallic covering or coating that cuts off excessive solar heat. Due to the metallic coating, it provides a one-way mirror effect to the glass. This factor prevents visibility from outside and therefore helps in achieving privacy. This glass is majorly used for structural façade glazing.

  • Float Glass


    Reflective glass is essentially ordinary float glass with a metallic coating that cuts off solar heat. This special metallic coating also provides a one-way mirror effect, preventing visibility from the outside and thus preserving privacy. Reflective glass is used primarily for structural façade glazing.

  • Double Glazed Units

    Insulating glass which is widely known as double glazing units is made up of two or more glass window panes separated by vacuum or any particular gas in order to reduce the transfer of heat across both the sides of the building or division.

  • High Performance Glass

    Low E Glass

    This kind of glass is manufactured by coating the glass with Low-E coatings. This is primarily done to reduce the amount of incoming infrared and ultraviolet rays falling and propagating through glass. It reduces these harmful rays but doesn’t compromise the amount of visible light, hence doesn’t create any obstruction for visible light.

  • High Performance Glass


    Reflectasol is produced by a phenomenon known as Online pyrolytic process. In this process the glass is coated with silicon based coating. It provides benefits such as glare reduction and solar rays control. This glass is available in the colours: bronze, dark grey, green, blue. It comes in various thickness (4, 5, 6 mm) too. This glass is widely used at schools, offices, industrial buildings, hotels and at all those places where façade glazing is required.

  • High Performance Glass


    Cool-lite or SAINT-GOBAIN uses the concept of offline coating. It is manufactured by magnetron under vacuum conditions. By following these processes, the coating offers great resistance, durability and stability. It is available in colours: clear, green and blue and in thickness ranging from 6-12mm. this glass is an ideal option for almost all types of construction it maybe either a small building or major projects.

  • High Performance Glass


    This glass offers the advantage of pyrolytic coating. In this glass making process concepts such as no edge deletion and leaving no scratch are also included. This glass can be used as single and double glazing glass. It comes in colours such as clear, green, azur, dark blue and in thicknesses ranging from 3-10mm. it is ideally suggested for residential buildings, offices, shopfront and windows, showrooms and even airports.

  • Patterned Glass

    Clear Obscure

    This glass is a textured glass especially designed to separate spaces and obscure the visibility between the spaces between two glass sheets. This glass in used in windows as it separates spaces and allows light to propagate through it.

  • Patterned Glass

    Colored Obscure

    This is another version of clear obscure glass. It is used in windows and allows propagation of light but the glass is coloured and has some texture as a part of design.

  • Patterned Glass

    Wired Glass

    This type of glass is a safety glass, as the wire would catch, hold and prevent the glass from falling and shattering completely. While manufacturing the glass is frequently exposed to fire retardant to prevent it from breaking if it experiences high temperatures and the wire to hold it if in case the glass broke.

  • Switch Glass

    This revolutionary glass uses the concept of liquid crystals molecules. When there is supply of electricity, the liquid crystals molecules align together, and when an incident ray or light propagates through the glass this privacy glass panel instantly clears. Now when the power is switched off the liquid crystal molecules are randomly scattered thus scattering light and the glass becomes completely opaque.

  • Objects in Glass

    Digital Print

    In this type of glass, digital printing takes place on a PVB or PET which is a new decorative glass solution. By using this technique and technology it enables our designers to produce dramatic designs and lifelike photographic images on the laminated glass.

  • Objects in Glass

    Organic Objects

    In this glass natural organic elements and structures are designed with unique patterns. The laminated glass encloses most favoured designs such as petals, flowers, leaves and thin branches etc as required by our consumers.

  • Objects in Glass

    Fabric in Glass

    Fabric lamination of a glass provides an advantage of capturing a wide variety of fabrics within the layers of the glass hence looks like a beautiful piece of abstract art to the observer.

  • Automobile Glass


    Side lites designed by designers at Hebatullah consist of a side glass and bullet proof glass for an automobile. It is primarily made from toughened glass whose basic purpose is to improvise safety and security.

  • Automobile Glass


    We design latest windshields which are majorly made up of tempered laminated glass. It typically consists of two curved sheets of glass and attached to a window pane. It is specially manufactured keeping in mind the necessary safety precautions needed on roads of Africa.

  • Automobile Glass


    There are many manufactures of door glass services. But manufacturing it requires professional work done by professionals. Hence our technicians craft them carefully and with specific precisions.

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