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Curtain Wall

High quality design
A curtain wall framework is an external covering of a particular building in which the external walls or dividers are non-structural, and used only to protect the building from weather conditions. Building a curtain wall is cheaper and reasonable because it can be made up of lightweight material as it is non-structural in nature.
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When curtain wall is made up of glass, it serves as an advantage because natural light can propagate into the building through glass. Another advantage is that the structure doesn’t pressurize itself as it doesn’t have to bear any other structural load from the building except its own load weight. 
Series CW45

This is Hebatullah’s semi-unitized curtain wall glazing mechanism which feasible and affordable economically for smaller or larger projects that require many curtain wall structures.

Series CW52

Pressure Plate curtain wall system with cover caps

Series CW50

This series includes silicone stick in its structure which is a high performance high quality curtain wall mechanism that is designed and tested as well to meet the required conditions.

Series CWDG

Curtain wall system for Double Glazed Unit glass providing best in class weather and sound resistance.

Color Options
Hebatullah has wide range of colours to offers including wood finish colours.